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Article 1: Forewarning. These terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between Lampvintage (an association between Ariane de Wildenberg, Business Register number 439 434 747 00036 and Corinne Clavel, Business Register number 348 486 754 00024) hereafter mentioned as "we" or "us", and any buyer placing an order, hereafter mentioned as "you". Every internet user can access these terms and conditions on the www.lampvintage.fr website (hereafter mentioned as "the website"). Though these terms and conditions can be amended, those which will apply to you are those in force at the time of your order.

Ariane de Wildenberg and Corinne Clavel are the owners of the whole Lampvintage website as well as of the pertaining rights. You are allowed to use, partially or totally, any image displayed on the site as long as you show www.lampvintage.fr as its origin.

The display of links towards the website must be granted permission in order to be allowed. All brand names, photos, logos, etc. displayed on the website www.lampvintage.fr belong to their respective authors.


Article 2: Buying conditions. You declare to be at least 18 years of age and legally competent, or to have been granted an authorization by your parents allowing you to place an order on this website. You agree that the objects on sale on this website can be made unavailable at any time until your payment is received.


Article 3: Prices, availability and delivery. The prices shown on the website are in Euros (free of VAT, according to the article 293B from the French Tax Code), and they do not include shipping costs or customs duties. The invoice is made and payable in Euros only. We maintain the right to change prices at any time without prior notice. Only the price for the current orders will not be changed, unless an exceptional event occurs.

The objects on sale on this website can be made unavailable, sold or removed at any time without prior notice. We also keep the right to cancel or amend the objects and their description at any time without prior notice. No damage will be paid for such changes. Only the payments being processed at the time of the change will be refunded and the pertaining orders cancelled (see article 5).

Delivery: the objects can be picked up at or shipped from our Boulogne-Billancourt outlet (Paris western suburbs).

Pick-up by yourself: you can organize the pick-up of your order. We kindly ask you to send us an e-mail to inform us accordingly. After your payment is received, we send you an e-mail confirmation and you can organize the pick-up of your object. You will get the relevant information in this e-mail and will pay the shipping company yourself.

Delivery by us: if we organize the delivery of your order, we give you all relevant information by e-mail. The delivery time will be set by the shipping company. In any case, Lampvintage (Ariane de Wildenberg / Corinne Clavel) and their partners decline to be responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, physical, special, financial, sequential or random damage resulting directly or indirectly from the shipping organized by the shipping party. In any case, the objects will be insured according to their value. Shipping and insurance are at your expense.


Article 4: Customs duties. Any order placed on the website and delivered outside the country of origin can be submitted to duties and taxes when the parcel reaches its final destination. These duties and taxes are at your own expenses and under your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible either for the checking of relevant duties and taxes or for informing you about duties matters. We strongly advise that you apply to the customs authorities of your own country prior to shipping.


Article 5: Payment. The amount shown on the invoice is the price shown on the order confirmation sent by Lampvintage (Ariane de Wildenberg / Corinne Clavel). The payment is made by bank transfer. Furthermore, Lampvintage (Ariane de Wildenberg / Corinne Clavel) keeps the right to refuse an order from a customer with a current or former dispute.

You will be informed by e-mail of the reception of your payment. In case the object you ordered is unavailable, you will be refunded within a week from your payment, provided the supply of your bank information.


Article 6: Returns.

Withdrawal. For any remote order, the withdrawal period is 7 calendar days from the delivery date. The pertaining return must be announced to Lampvintage  (Ariane de Wildenberg / Corinne Clavel) within a 7 calendar days period. You must verify the delivery date in order to enjoy the withdrawal period. The means and costs of shipping are at your expenses. We cannot be in charge of the return of the order. Upon reception of the returned goods, and after checking of their good condition, we shall refund your payment, less the cost of the initial shipping. Should you disagree, no refund will be made.

Shipping damage. We strongly advise you to double check the condition of your order upon reception, before signing the delivery receipt. If your object is damaged or does not match your order, we recommend you show your comments on the delivery receipt (short description of damage). Should you forget to do it, you will be considered as waiving your rights for a claim with the forwarder.


Article 7: Guarantee and responsibility. We work with merchants from all over Europe. The items sold on this website comply with the law in force in the country of origin of the items. The pictures, texts and descriptions of the items are not legally binding. Therefore we decline to be responsible for any discrepancy or missing information in the description of the items sold on this website. Also we decline to be responsible in case an item is unavailable or if there is a problem arising from the shipping (late delivery, damage, or customs rejection).

Also, we decline to be responsible if one of our legal obligations cannot be met due to a case of acts of God. We decline to be responsible for a loss of profit or any kind of indirect damage that had not been anticipated at the time of the sale and the selling contract between you and us. We do everything we can to make sure we meet our obligations towards you as per the present terms and conditions.


Article 8: Dispute. The protests, claims and complaints will be received with all our attention, and thoroughly looked into in order to find the best friendly agreement.

In case we cannot agree with you on a friendly agreement, the litigation will be submitted to the French Nanterre Business Court, only competent court whatever the place of delivery and mean of payment.



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